Saturday, October 6, 2012

Family Date Day

This afternoon we decided that it was time for Abby to have some fun - outside of the house, and since it is a bit chilly, we thought the perfect activity would be to go to the movies. "Finding Nemo" (in 3D) was still hanging around our local theater, and since it is a movie Abby knows and loves, we thought that would be a safe bet.

As you can imagine Abby was thrilled. When we pulled into the parking lot she let out an exclamation of, "It's here! The movie theater is here!" She approached the whole thing like an old pro. She shimmied her way into the theater and while Dada bought the tickets, Abby and I checked out the air hockey table in the lobby.

Once we got our 3D glasses though, it was time for some serious movie preparations. Dad got the tub-o-popcorn, and Abby and I picked out the perfect (which really means the cleanest) booster seat. By the time we had that secured, Jason caught up to us and we were ready to find our theater and settle in.

When we found the perfect spot, Abby climbed right up and reached for the popcorn. As she placed it on her lap I realized that the tub was nearly eye-level with her and took up her whole lap. The sheer size of the thing didn't daunt her at all, she managed just fine. The whole time we watched the previews I didn't know who made me smile more, Abby or Jason. Abby was simply cute, but Jason was amazed by it all. The last 3D movie he'd gone to see was "Jaws 3" a mere 25 years ago. To say that technology has changed a bit is an understatement. He couldn't believe it, and when he let out a surprised, "Whoa!" when something came flying at us, I had to laugh.  

Right before the movie started we were treated to a "Toy Story" short. I wish you all could have seen Abby jiving in her seat as she shoveled popcorn into her mouth. Finally, the movie started and with the opening scene Abby let out a lusty, "It's Nemo's dada, Mama!" We quickly shushed her, but as the movie progressed, Abby would be sure to turn to me each time a new character appeared and announce them - luckily, she remembered to whisper. Abby had a great time, but I think that Jason and I had an even better one. I lost count of how many times we would catch each other's eye over Abby's head and smile at the pure excitement she was exuding, and the funny thing she was doing and saying.

Eventually the popcorn ran out and Abby got restless, so we decided to call it quits and head home. It's no surprise that Abby has been in a super mood (and a rather sassy one as well) all evening. It was a fun day had by all.

Her future's so bright....she's gotta wear shades.

Abby makes friends where ever she goes.

This was the look I got when I gave Abby "The Teacher Look"
earlier this afternoon. I may be losing my touch. She thought
it was hilarious - not really what I was going for.

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