Saturday, October 27, 2012

Girls' Day In

Today Abby and I had a "Girls' Day In" since Jason had to go out of town for an all day doctoral class. Our day started out great, since for once Abby let me sleep quarter after 7 - seriously, I felt a bit decadent.

We had a great day, and Abby was quite the chatter-box, so I thought I would share with you some of the highlights from our day and discussions.

Are you okay?

Since this was the first Saturday in months that I would be home, without any homework that needed to be turned in, I knew that I wanted to tackle some much needed cleaning. My goal was to start at the top and get the upstairs in order - beginning with Abby's room. While I dusted, vacuumed, and organized Abby was right at my side, telling me what a good job I was doing. At one point though, she told me to, "Be careful, Mom!" when I stood up on her bed in order to dust her fan. She must not have trusted that I would be, because she locked her arms and legs around one of mine to steady me as I worked. What a sweetie!

From her room I moved on to the bathroom. While I was cleaning, Abby was playing in her newly cleaned room. As I was working, Abby suddenly opened her bedroom door and asked me if I was okay. I told her I was and she paused and said, "What are you doing?" I told her that I was cleaning and she then asked, "Does it hurt?" That one made me pause - I must have looked a fright for her to ask that one. I was tempted to tell her that yes, it did - that's why I don't do it very often.

A Weekday - According to Abby

It was when I was tackling the kitchen that she came in to explain a drawing that she did of her and her teachers. She then gave me a run-down on her days at school. Here's what she told me:

I go to Abby's school and Mrs. Currie and Mrs. Davis help me color. Then I write my name and I come home and see Mama. Then Dada comes home.

I asked her if that was all and she said, "Yep." I guess that's a pretty good summary.

Come Look!

Abby was thrilled when Jason finally got home. So much so that when she heard him come in the door she ran from the other room with arms outstretched, anticipating a jump into his arms. We'd already eaten dinner, but he was looking forward to some soup and the warm cornbread that I had baking in the oven. Abby had asked about it earlier and I told her what it was, and that it was for Dada. After the wonderful greeting, she told Jason, "Come on, Dada....come look in the oven!" As she began to head to the kitchen she couldn't hold it in, "It's corn! Mama made it!" She was so excited to tell Jason that I had "corn" waiting in the oven that she forgot the "bread" part of it. It really was too cute.

She had other adorable moments, like when she begged me to play cards with her, read to her, make patterns with her, and even when she climbed up on my lap and helped me practice a song I'll be singing in church tomorrow. We really had a great day. I can't help but agree with something she told me several times today - "Mom, it's a beautiful day!"

Abby diligently counting her pattern.

She did this all on her own - Michigan State
fans will like this one!

So proud of her pattern!
(and yes, we did spend the whole day in our jammies)

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