Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Early Bird

Very rarely am I envious of other parents, but the last two days I have been...well, at least the last two mornings I have been. Today was the second day in a row that Abby got me up around 5:30 am. Now, yesterday my lovely husband ordered me back to bed, but this morning I told him to stay put - at least one of us should get rest.

I have no idea how Abby manages through the day after getting up so early, but somehow she does. I've tried to encourage naps, but they have long since been abandoned.

Now the flip side of getting up early is that by the time dinner is over we begin winding down for bed, and tonight she made it until quarter to seven before she was asking to go to bed. After two early mornings and full days, it took her mere minutes to drift off.

So here I sit, watching TV and doing some know? I take it back....about being envious that is - it seems that I'm just fine with my little early bird - just the way she is.

Abby was up for some silly faces today.

Fishy Abby!

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