Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Student of the Month

I have a confession to make: I hate strongly dislike talking on the phone. Jason will attest to this. He has pretty much accepted that he will be the one to call and order things, or make any other necessary "household" calls - he doesn't even ask anymore if I will do it. Now, this isn't to say I don't enjoy the occasional long chat with a friend or family member, (and I would much rather be the "call-ee" than the "call-er") but as preferences go, talking on the phone isn't one of mine.

What does this have to do with Abby, or today, for that matter, you ask? Well, this afternoon I got a call. I was walking back to my classroom, after dismissing the last of my little darlings for the day, and my phone rang. Expecting to see Jason's name pop up on my phone (since he was at the store getting my flat tire set to rights, which involved a new round of tires - but that's a different story), I was surprised to see a number I didn't recognize. Now, considering my reticence when it comes to phone calls in the first place, it will come as little surprise that when a number pops up I don't recognize I will typically let the call go to voice mail. For some reason today was different, and I actually answered the call - and I'm so very glad I did.

The caller on the other end identified herself as the principal at Abby's school. As soon as I heard her name my stomach fell to my toes. My "Oh-no-something's-happened" flag went up and I picked up my pace, anticipating having to zoom over to Abby's school. Instead she told me that they'd recently started a new program at the school, where they have teachers nominate students to be recognized as a "Student of the Month". She was calling to tell me that Abby's teacher had nominated her and that Abby would be the "Student of the Month" for October.

My gait slowed a bit, and my throat got that silly little lump in it that comes before tears, as she told me how her teacher mentioned that Abby had been "very agreeable" at school and that "she had matured over the summer" and that was apparent as she came back to school. Along with the title Abby would get a free bag of popcorn on Popcorn Day, and her picture would be displayed for the month in the hall. I didn't know what to say. I think I just kept repeating, "Thank you" and "That's great!" I was blown away.

As soon as I could I sent a note to Jason and he was just as proud as I was. When Abby got off the bus that was the first thing I mentioned, that I'd gotten a call from her principal and she was the Student of the Month. She took it all in stride and didn't seem phased by all the fuss. In fact, the minute she got in the house she opened up her backpack and pulled out some work she needed to finish up - proving she deserved her newest honor.
She did all the coloring herself, even added the background
without any suggestions! Pretty spectacular - don't you think?

After dinner I took her out for a celebratory ice cream sundae - she'd certainly earned it, and as we drove home she wowed me with her alphabet knowledge. I tell you, the "Parental-Pride Seams" were near to bursting tonight.

In the end, I am so very glad I went against my nature and accepted that unknown caller. I can't guarantee that it will change my feelings about talking on the phone completely, but I will certainly think twice about letting calls go directly to voice mail....maybe.

Congratulations Abby - you certainly deserve it!

Even though this one is from last week, I had to get one
of her being "studious" - it just fit tonight!

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