Saturday, October 13, 2012

Abby's Favorite Things

Tonight after dinner, and while watching some Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, Abby and I got talking about some of her favorite things. Lately, it seems that usually whatever we are watching, eating, doing, etc. is immediately declared her "favorite". I thought I would get to the bottom of this and actually see what her favorites actually are. Since some of her answers were pretty cute I thought I would let you in on our conversation.

Mom: Abby, what's your favorite color?

Abby: Red! Rojo in Spanish. (Yep, she is bilingual. She is awesome at counting to 10 in Spanish as well.)

Mom: What's your favorite number?

Abby: One.....and two and three......and five.....and two. (Apparently it was just too hard to decide.)

Mom: What's your favorite animal?

Abby: A dog! (I'm guessing Bruiser has something to do with this one.)

Mom: What's your favorite game?

Abby: Cards, like at Carter's house. (hmmm....could they be her poker buddies?)

Mom: What's your favorite snack?

Abby: Ice cream! (She's her mother's daughter)

Mom: What's your favorite time of the day?

Abby: Bath. When I take a bath...and then get jammies on and go to bed. (Wow, that happens to be a favorite of mine as well.)

Mom: What's your favorite TV show?

Abby: Spiderman! (Lately she has really gotten into watching The Amazing Spiderman and His Friends from the 80's - I think this is hilarious!)

Mom: What's your favorite movie?

Abby: Mulan (I think she just likes that she can do karate while she's watching it.)

It was at this point that I paused in my questioning, wondering what "favorite" to ask about next. That's when Abby chimed in.

Abby:! Favorite toy, Mama!

Mom: Oh, sorry Abby. What's your favorite toy?

Abby: Ummm.....Barbies, that's my favorite toy. (This was a no brainer, since she thinks the grocery store is actually a Barbie store.)

It was a fun conversation, and a bit enlightening. I love having these little chats with her, they drive home her unique personality and the fun things that make her who she is.

Although pizza is certainly her favorite, "noodles"
may be a close second. Today she enjoyed a nice
Italian lunch!

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