Wednesday, October 3, 2012


When Abby is afraid, Dada is the go-to guy. When Abby is in pain, it is Mama that she wants. Tonight Mom needed to step up to the plate.

We'd been having a great night. She was in a super mood all evening and at the top of her game when it came to being funny. Earlier I had discovered that she had some homework in her backpack, so after her bath I told her that she had some work to do. With a sigh and an, "Okay....fine...." she trotted downstairs to the table so she could get to work.

She sat right down and got to it, but after finishing a page I could tell that she was getting tired, so we finished up and she moved on to "writing notes" and watching TV. It was at this point that she requested a snack - a nice healthy snack - an apple.

Since we are knee deep in apple season around here I had a beautiful Honeycrisp just waiting for her on the counter. I got it all cut up and, as Dad came in to visit and look over her work, she munched on her yummy treat. It was when she was nearly done that she suddenly began crying. I realized almost immediately that she'd bitten her tongue. The poor thing cried as she held her mouth open and walked over to me. She was in pain. She wanted Mama.

She did let me take a look, once she was sure that my hands were nowhere in sight, and I wouldn't be touching her sore tongue. She'd gotten the tip pretty well, and there was some blood, but I knew it would be okay. At this point though her tiredness kicked in as well and as I carried her upstairs to her room she continued to cry.

We offered some pain medicine, but she decided that a band-aid would be the only thing that would make her feel better. Since she was still crying, she wasn't ready to listen to the fact that we don't put band-aids on our tongues. Finally, all she really wanted was some cuddling with Mama.

As I sang "Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral" softly to her, she continued to whimper beside me, but before long she was sleeping soundly, the tiredness had won out. And so our evening came to an end - poor little peanut.

Fresh from her bath, Abby gets to work.

Working hard - good girl!

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