Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Days

You know, I imagine that Abby's days are pretty fun. She gets to hang out with Dada in the morning, watching TV and playing, enjoying his undivided attention. Then, from there she gets to ride a bus with her buddies, bumping along to school. Once at school she gets to run in the gym, sing songs, play outside, color pictures, wow her teachers with her stellar behavior and letter prowess, eat lunch with some more of her friends, and sometimes have a turn at the Treasure Box. Next, comes another bumpy ride home with her friends, followed by fun time with Mom and Dad in the evening. When I think about it, she has some pretty great days.

Today she got a little extra fun. Mom had a staff meeting, so that meant Abby got to come to my school and hang with "her" kids for a bit. She walked into the building like she owned the joint, saying, "Hi" and giving hugs to kids and adults alike. She'd missed them, and they'd missed her. The kids were heading outside for some fun time on the playground, and she joined right in, bringing up the rear of the line. You could just see the happiness in the bounce of her walk.

Our staff meeting was timed perfectly, because it was over just as the kids were coming in....but Abby didn't want to leave - she had more playing to do. Luckily, a few of my former students were getting ready for their volleyball game and offered to walk Abby out to the car. Yes, that hour at my school just amped up her daily dose of fun. She was still talking about how Anna and Bailey buckled her in as she ate dinner.

These certainly are happy days for Abby.

She looks a bit excited - don't you think?

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