Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time Away

Well, we did it! We held out for two days. See, Abby spent the weekend at Nana and Papa's, while Jason and I had some much needed couple time. We don't do this often, but when we do it is something that we greatly look forward to...until we find ourselves alone. I kid you not, mere hours into our mini-vacation we were calling and texting for updates and pictures.

Now, we did enjoy our time relaxing, and we didn't think about her constantly, but we did have to fight the urge to go get her earlier than planned. The thing that held us back is the knowledge that the time away is good for both of us. Abby is having a blast being spoiled by Nana and Papa, and we are enjoying quite, cartoon free, days.

We are both looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. We love that moment when she realizes we are there to get her. It's just one big happy-love fest. We'll be up and off early - I'm sure.

For now I'll look back over the pictures from her days, and look forward to tomorrow.

It is now tradition that pancakes start the day at Nana & Papa's - even if it started at 4:50 a.m.!

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  1. Love that smile! It's always fun at Nana and Papa's!