Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flash Cards

Tonight Abby wanted to play "cards". She has a set of flash cards that numbers close to fifty, and she loves to look through them. She does a super job with the vocabulary practice, and will often give a pretty good showing on the letters (for example, tonight she held up a picture of a cake and said, "K-uh, K-uh, K is for Cake!" I had to correct her, but she nailed the sound, and I was happy with that, especially since she was only looking at a picture.)

Before bedtime she grabbed her stack and climbed up on my lap for some card play. Here are some of the ones that I thought I should share.

The Ones That Impressed Mom the Most

Since the she is my kid, I was terribly impressed
that she knew what this was right away. I am most
certainly not classified as a "Camping Person".

No problems here either. Some might think
she has a slight advantage, having had about
eight x-rays in her lifetime, but I promise you,
she never stood behind a screen that showed her
bones, and she NEVER was this happy about it.

I didn't doubt that she could get "flower" for this
one, but she really impressed me when she immediately
came up with "rose". Got that young men? Abby already
knows what roses are - take note!

The Ones that Had a Backstory

For this one she needed to let me know that
keys were for houses. I almost added, "Cars, too."
But then I though about the fact that neither
Jason or I have an actual key for our cars, so
to Abby, keys are just for houses.

At first she immediately blurted out, "Car!" Then
she added, "Dermyer's car - it's red." Yup!

Wrong....But Close

This she labeled a "rhino" - I'm guessing
she honed in on the horns, and thought
of the first horned animal she knew. 

This was a "dinosaur" - Yes, I could see that.
When I corrected her she said, "Oh alligator!
Okay, got it."

 The Funniest

Nothing though compares to this one.
The correct answer was "elf". She got a little
closer, took a long look and said, "Ummm..
a little guy!" I laughed and couldn't argue,
technically she was spot on.

When we were through with the cards she noticed that "Mary Toppins" was singing Jane and Michael to sleep on the TV. She seemed to think that was a good idea, and so she curled up on my lap and told me to sing along. The lullaby was one that I'd sung to her when she was just a baby, and the moment would have been so incredibly endearing and precious - if it weren't for Bruiser, who was howling along with the music.

That's when Abby decided to call it a night - good call kiddo!

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