Thursday, October 4, 2012

Work It!

This morning I woke up feeling icky. I knew it wasn't a cold, or the stomach flu, I just felt bad. My suspicion was that I was exhausted. So, for the first time in....well, I don't know how long....I took a sick day for myself. Usually my sick days are taken so I can stay home with a sick Abby, and even when I am under-the-weather I plug on through anyway. Today I was selfish - and I needed it.

Since I was home I helped get Abby ready for school. She was great and super cooperative, having an idea that I wasn't up for battles. She was such a sweat pea as she sat and colored after eating her breakfast, and as we waited for the bus. 

Soon enough it was time to go outside and wait. After leading her through a pretty sad version of "The Hokey Pokey" she decided that exercising would be a better option. She started by running races. I stood at the "Finish Line" at the end of the driveway while she got down in a runner's stance in front of the garage. She ran about four or five heats and then wanted to switch to some jumping jacks. I of course was just the judge, but there was one point when she told me to "work it!" Luckily, that's around the time that the bus came, I really wasn't sure that wanted to hear where she'd picked that one up.

Abby didn't want to quit doing her homework, so she took
it to bed with her.

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