Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Tonight was the big night.....Halloween! Abby woke up with Halloween on the brain. The first words out of her mouth this morning were, "It's today! It's Halloween today!" She knew that she would be having a party at school and then get to go trick-or-treating with some of her buddies. In a word she was stoked.

I won't go into too much detail about how well she did - even in the cold and the drizzle, or about how she always said, "Thank you!" when she got a piece of candy. I'll just tell you that she certainly had a great time, and knew when to call it quits. After a few individual visits, and then about 30 minutes of walking in the rain we were all ready to grab some pizza and head home.

Abby chose her costume this year. She declared early on that she wanted to be an opera singer.
So here she is: Abby the Opera Singer!

At first she was a bit reticent about getting her picture taken - then she started mugging for the camera. Check out her bootie shake!

We went to visit "Captain America" first!

Then it was on to Uncle George and Auntie Kem. Here Abby
provided a nice show. At one point though as she was singing
and playing the piano, she started to "cry" and said her "song
was broken", she quickly fixed it though and was ready for another

We met up with some of my students and Abby's buddies. One of my 5th graders
took Abby around with him to some of the houses - now that really is a super hero!

Could she BE any cuter?
We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, because we sure did.

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