Friday, October 19, 2012

Going to the "Bet"

It seems it's the time of year for check-ups - at least for the "kids". At the beginning of the week Abby had her flu shot, and today we took Bruiser in to the Vet (or as Abby called it, the "Bet"), for an update on his shots and a general exam.

Now, knowing those two as I do, I understand that they both get a bit nervous when it comes to seeing the Vet. Bruiser's nervousness is understandable. They poke you, they prod you, they stick you with sharp things, and there are so very many smells - it's no wonder he gets a little anxious. Abby, on the other hand, gets jumpy because she's not familiar with the place. The last time we were there - just to pick something up, she sat in the waiting room with her hands over her ears, crying loudly. So, seeing as though I could control at least one of them with a leash (Bruiser), I concentrated on preparing the other one (Abby) for the visit. We talked the whole way there about what would happen and how Bruiser would be going to see his doctor - and that she needed to be my helper.

She was game, and as we walked in she was happy to greet the receptionist. When I told her to let the lady work she waved her hand at me and said, "Not now, Mom. I'm talking." Well, alright then!

It soon became apparent to me that Abby's idea of help was showing Bruiser how it was done. For example, when I guided him onto the scale (where he weighed in at 90.6 lbs), she needed to take a turn as well (displaying her 48 lbs.). When we went back to see the doctor, not only did she need to "help" examine Bruiser, but she also expected to get her heart listened to and her ears looked at. Luckily we have a very nice Vet, who took the time to give some attention to Abby, even though as she put it, she's not a "people doctor".

Knowing Abby as I do, I understood that it was best to let her stay involved, but when she requested a shot, "like Bruiser", I drew the line. It finally took the promise of pizza for dinner to get her to stop asking to be lifted up to the table, in order to have her "sore" finger bandaged. All the while Bruiser was nervously dancing around and not wanting to be too far from us.

As we left I couldn't help but think about how good they'd both been. That's when Abby made a break for it and ran to the back. I caught her just as she was about to bust through a door labeled, "Staff Only". She was still looking for that bandage for her finger, see. As you might imagine I was not too pleased with that, so we left with me dragging her out, and her telling me she was sorry through her tears. I can only imagine what the receptionist was thinking.

Abby recovered quickly and was happy as a clam as we drove off to get that pizza I'd promised. Even though it could have been a whole lot worse, I'm thankful that these visits are few and far between.

Abby lends a hand with the exam.

She's happy as can be, we weren't there for her!

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