Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Abby has always been a bit of a foodie, and so when she requested a story about "Baby Abby" tonight from Dada he told her about all the fun foods that she ate when she was a baby. He told her how she loved the little baby hot dogs in the jars (yuck!), how we always made sure that we had a container of puffs ready at a moment's notice, and how she couldn't seem to get enough of those Crasins (which we called "cherries"). This is how she fell asleep tonight - listening to a list of her favorite foods.

Thinking this would be the perfect post tonight I set about looking for a particular picture that was quite funny. An hour and a half later I've given up, but I did come across some other cute "eating" pictures - I will leave you with them for the night.

Squash is my guess - she doesn't look impressed, whatever it was.

Your first graham cracker is apparently something to celebrate!

I made this one extra big so you could see how much she enjoyed her first PB&J - she also enjoyed the bath that followed.

Work is hard - fishies are required.

Oreos - good with milk (and smeared across your face).
I should mention that there were many, many more food pictures of Abby - maybe I'll save those for another post.

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