Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Abby's Army

I'm a big fan of "chance" meetings - even if they typically happen when I'm running to the store and I look like I've just rolled out of bed. Even so, it's usually fun to run into someone unexpectedly, especially when our connection has to do with Abby. Tonight though it was Jason's turn to revisit the past. While out and about he ran into Ms. Susan.

When Abby first started school (five years ago) she started at a wonderful program that was run by the local career center. They had wonderful teachers, and since it was a learning lab, they always had plenty of helping hands. Abby was part of an inclusion program where several special education students learn right along with everyone else. We loved the program, but most of all we loved her teachers and therapists. Ms. Susan was Abby's Teacher Consultant while she was there. Ms. Susan not only helped Abby as she navigated the world of school, but she helped us. She was available for countless questions and concerns, and when the time came for Abby to move on, she was right beside us, giving us reassurances and gushing about our little darling to her new team. Ms. Susan was a big part of our lives, and we've never forgotten her, or what she did for us.

Abby's school pictures from this year. Could
this young lady really be my baby? Impossible.
When he got home, Jason told me about how she clearly remembered us and how when he shared her latest school picture she was so surprised to see how old Abby's gotten. As a teacher I completely understand this. I'm baffled each year when I hear about former students that are graduating,.... getting married,.....having children....I can't believe it. To me they are still the 12 year olds that left my room only a few years before.

Jason running into Ms. Susan made me think of all the wonderful people that have helped over the years, and who have been instrumental in making Abby as successful as she is today. I thought about the therapists that would come to our home each week as soon as we brought Abby home from the hospital - those wonderful people who taught us how to play with her so that she could build her strength and coordination. I thought about the great group of therapists that we would meet at our group meetings when Abby was a bit older. I thought about the superb music therapist that helped Abby socialize and learn to take turns and share with her peers. I thought about the numerous teams of physical, occupational, and speech therapists who have been responsible for helping Abby reach many milestones, and who have prepared her for new learning. And I thought about all those teachers and aids who opened their classrooms, and their loving arms, when they welcomed Abby into their sphere.  She would not be where she is today, without this army of warriors.

We have been so incredibly blessed through the years - as we continue to be. Thank you to all of you who help those that need a little extra support. Your influence reaches far and wide - and makes an impact. We are so grateful for all that you do.

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