Friday, October 12, 2012


Each day at recess this week I've watched the kids at school gather pile after pile of leaves so they could play in them. They've had a blast, after all,  there's just something about a pile of leaves that is so much fun. It made me think about raking up our own leaves and letting Abby have at them. Watching my students also put me in mind of a time that we did just that, years ago when we were visiting with Nana and Papa.

Abby was a wee two-year-old when we plopped her down in her first mound of leaves. Once she got the hang of what she was supposed to do with those crunchy leaves, she had a grand old time. These are still some of my favorite pictures.

Yes, we may just have to pull out the rake this weekend, because despite the fact that after playing Abby had leaves everywhere (even down her pants), we all had a great time!

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