Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bedtime Movie

Watching a movie with Abby is always an experience. She is either singing and dancing along with the characters, delivering lines with the actors, or asking to see scenes over and over. Whatever she is doing it is always active and usually quite entertaining.

Tonight, as we snuggled at bedtime, she chose to watch The Lorax. Since she was tired, she was a bit more subdued than normal, but she did have me laughing. It became clear from the onset, she was going questions route this evening. Despite the fact that she has seen the movie numerous times she filled the first five minutes of the movie with questions like: Who's that? What's he doing? What's her name? What's that? I kid you not, each time the screen changed to a different scene or some new character came into view she had a question. I could barely answer them fast enough.

Soon enough the first song ended and I realized that Abby had fallen silent. I looked down and saw her eyes were closed and she was breathing deep, even breaths. I looked at the screen and saw that it took a whopping 7 minutes for her to drift off. She'd been tired, indeed. I turned off the iPad and laid a bit longer with her nestled up against me.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Now honestly, who wouldn't love cuddling with this sweetie?

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