Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Best Day Ever

Today was a perfect Sunday for a family gathering. Since we've had some out-of-town family in for some visits, we wanted to make sure that everyone got together before they left. So, we'd been planning that today we would all get together at the "homestead" (a.k.a Nana and Papa's) for some family time.

This was right up Abby's ally.

After church we headed right out, and somewhere along the way she got wind that there would be pizza there. That became all she talked about, which was understandable since it was well past her normal lunch time.

We arrived and she made the rounds - kissing, hugging, and spreading Abby-cheer, but once that was done she wanted her pizza. As she sat at the counter, happily munching away on a slice of pepperoni and looking out over a room full of some of her favorite people, she turned to be and declared, "Mom, it's the best day ever!"

It was indeed a nice day, it was so good to catch up with loved-ones we hadn't seen in quite some time. I loved watching Abby flit from person to person, telling secrets to Uncle Joe, sharing her pizza with Auntie Phyllis, showing off her new doll to Grandma Marilyn, getting smoochie-bugs from Papa, and cuddling with anyone who offered their open arms. It made me realize any day that you are surrounded by those that love you, truly is "the best day ever".

"Where ever two or three are gathered...."
This morning at Sunday School Abby and her buddy took a moment
to pray. (Leave it to Abby to even do this with quite a bit of flair.)

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