Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Lesson from Miss Scarlett

Did you ever have one of those days?

I don't know if it was the full moon, the impending snow storm, or the fact that it was Tuesday - but today was one of those days for me. By the end of the day I'd lost count of the number of times the principal popped his head in my room and asked, "Could I see you for a moment?" Luckily, I  wasn't in trouble, but I can't say the same for some of my kiddos.

It was when the school day was over that the weather decided to up the ante - that's when the rain turned to sleet. Despite that, I was still able to run my errands and make it home in plenty of time for the bus. I should have known though. I should have known, as I stood in the driveway waiting for Abby's bus, that Abby's day may not have been stellar.

When the bus pulled up I wasn't sure if the look that Mrs. Cathy gave me was due to Abby's behavior, or the fact that the sleet had now turned to a heavy, wet snow. I found out soon enough - it was Abby's behavior.


I listened to the report, and tried to get her off the bus quickly - apparently not quickly enough because somebody waiting behind the bus lost their patience and honked their horn. Really? 

As we walked to the house I saw clearly that Abby was upset, and I got an even bigger clue when she kept saying, "I want Dada." I tried to ask her what had happened during the day, but all I could get out of her was a sad little, "No." This was one of those times when I really grieved the fact that her communication is delayed. She just doesn't have the verbal skills yet to tell me what might be bothering her. Despite the fact that she didn't have the words, I realized quickly that what Abby needed first was not a "talking to", but to know that she is loved.

I called her over and simply hugged her. We stayed like that for several minutes, me sitting with my arms around her and swaying slightly, while she stood between my knees and hid her face in my shoulder. After the day we both had it was exactly what we needed.

In true Abby fashion she bounced back quickly. Soon enough her smile was back and she was happily babbling about tonight's dinner and her upcoming birthday.

I'm sure that I'll find out what happened today, but for now this Tuesday has seen enough excitement. In true Scarlett O'Hara fashion, "I can't think about that right now....I'll think about that tomorrow...after all, tomorrow is another day."

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