Monday, February 4, 2013

I'll Do It Myself

There are some days when I am in total "Mom Mode" and I fail to remember what it was like to be a kid myself. Tonight could have been one of those nights, but thanks to Abby, I got a few reminders.

Tonight there was one phrase that kept creeping up: "I'll do it myself!" Abby wanted to exert her independence - and I'm very glad of that, but sometimes it is hard for me to let go. The jammies would get on so much faster if I helped her....I'd be sure there were no messes in the bathroom, if I were there to supervise....the iPad game would work, if she just watched how I did it.... and on and on it seemed to go.

Thankfully tonight I was able to back off each time she reminded me that she could do it. I was able to remember that feeling of frustration when my own mother would try to help me out, and show me an easier way. I could recall that I didn't necessarily want an easier way, as much as I wanted my way. I remembered all of this and I stepped back....and you know what? She did just fine in the bathroom all by herself...and she got those jammies on....and the game ran just fine the way she wanted. Most importantly though, she was proud of the fact that she did things all by herself.

Tonight helped me be mindful of the fact that I don't need to hover quite so closely to my little lady as I once used to - thanks for the reminder Abby,....I'll try my best not to forget it.

After school Abby and I played in the snow for a bit.
She couldn't wait to have a snowball fight with Mom.
Luckily, for my sake, the snow was not good packing snow.

Bruiser would not be left out. He loves to chase snow, and Abby loves to
throw it, it was a perfect combination. When it was time to come in I merely
had to pretend I was the teacher, calling all the kids in from recess. Abby, of
course, was the line leader.

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