Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Funnies

One thing I can say about Abby is that she certainly has the ability to make me laugh. Today I'd like to share with you some of those moments.

We were both happy it was Friday!


This morning I told Abby that I would pick her up from school. I got there a bit early and waited, as parents are asked to, by the office. I was just catching up on some social media when I heard someone yell, "MAMA!!! Mama's here!" Recognizing that voice I looked up to see Abby nearly run out of her boots trying to get to me. I started towards her, since she was still making quite a racket yelling throughout the halls that I had arrived. 

Abby's teacher and I got to her at about the same time, both of us "shhh-ing" her. Even though on the outside I was reminding her that she needed to be quiet in the hallway, there was a big part of me on the inside that was loving her exuberant welcome. I tell you I felt like a rock star. Abby finished off her great greeting by pulling me into her classroom and then yelling out, "Welcome!" as she made a grand sweeping gesture with her arm. Nobody can make a person feel special like Abby can.

"The Bear" Song

After a greeting such as the one I'd received, I was hoping that today had been a positive day. Sure enough, Abby had been a good girl. I watched her get her "bear" note from her teacher and then run/dance over to me to show me. "My bear! I got my bear!" she exclaimed. I showed her an appropriate amount of pleasure and told her I was so proud of her. She then proceeded to hug her classmates and thank her teachers and we were off to get her pizza.

On the way there I overheard her in the back of the car. She still had that "bear" note in her hand and I realized that she was singing to it. Here's a bit of how the song went, "The bear, the bear, the bear....I love the bear!" *kiss*

It was not only funny, it was incredibly endearing that she was so very excited about the happy note she'd been given - and the prospect of pizza, of course.

Abby, May I?

After dinner Abby was in the mood to be silly, actually she wanted to go upstairs and cuddle. It wasn't even five o'clock and she was telling me that it was time to go to bed. I tried to convince her that we still had time for some fun, but she wasn't buying it. 

At this point she climbed up on my lap and this, of course, brought Bruiser over to investigate. She laughed up a storm when he began nosing his way in-between the two of us. That's when I wound him up even further by singing. Abby quickly put her hand over my mouth and told me, "No, Mom. No singing." I gave her a rather sad face. It was apparently sad enough to make her feel bad because she stopped, looked at me, gave me a kiss, and said, "You may sing." Huh? Did I hear that right?

Sure enough it happened again a bit later when I was covering her face with smoochie-bugs. She told me to stop, I gave her a sad face, and she told me, "Okay, you may kiss me." I wish you could have heard her, because it certainly came out as imperially as you would expect. I guess I should at least be pleased that she is grammatically correct.

I tell you this was a great way to kick off our weekend!

Abby loved to see the newly fallen snow this morning.
She even helped me to shovel some of it.


  1. Such a great way to start a weekend! You are blessed!