Friday, February 8, 2013

Abby's Perspective

Tonight I'm going to be selfish and tell you all about my day...I know, I know, this is Abby's blog and it should be about Abby, so I'm going to write it from Abby's's that for compromise?

Today started off weird. Mom was way more interested in her phone than usual, and for some reason, when the phone rang she seemed happier. It wasn't the kind of happy where she dances around and yells, "WooHoo!", but it was happy enough. I guess we'd gotten a lot of snow, which meant she didn't have to leave so early for work. She got to hang out with me and Daddy - and catch my excellent impression of a scary ghost.

It was fun having Mom help me get ready for school, but she just didn't understand how cool it would be if I wore my Merida nightgown to school. I knew that my friends and teachers would love to see it. I kept trying to tell her....but then she started counting...and it just wasn't worth it - so I gave in.

She must have been kinda crabby at that point, because when I saw all the beautiful snow that covered the driveway and lawn she insisted I stay inside, and not go out to play in it. Can you believe that? I mean really, how cruel is that? She made me wait with her, just inside the door, so I could see the snow, but not touch it until Mrs. Cathy pulled up in the bus. It didn't matter though, because I made sure that by the time I reached the bus, I was covered in snow, nearly to my knees - Ha! Take that, Mom.

I had a super day at school, because today was reward day....and I'd earned it. I got to go with my teachers and my class to the park close to my school and go sledding. I kid you not, the hill is massive, and even though Mom got worried about me, I was just fine - which I would have told her, but she had to talk to my teachers - ugh! Then, when we got back to the classroom we got hot chocolate (at least that's what I told Mom). 

Now, instead of Mom getting me off the bus like usual, Dada was there. Apparently, Mom needed to do the grocery shopping (which Dada usually takes care of), at first I was a bit relieved, since I was not a very good girl on the bus. But then, Dad had to go and call Mom to tell her what I'd done. That was the last thing I wanted. I felt horrible, and maybe even cried a little....okay, a lot,..... but I hate it when Mom is disappointed with me.

Soon enough she was home, and we had to talk about it - which made me cry again. So, I spent some time in my room, while she went downstairs to unload the groceries. Luckily she got a lot of groceries, so I figure she had plenty of time to cool down. 

I figured it was best not to push the pizza idea I'd had for dinner, so when she suggested a hot dog I acted really excited, like that's what I was hoping for all along. I ate it all up, too.... and I even cleared my plate. Since Mom was in the kitchen doing dishes, I figured that it would be really nice of me to stay in there and visit with her - so that's what I did. I asked how her day was, and when she told me she was tired and her feet hurt, I suggested she take some medicine - which she did, wasn't that thoughtful of me? I even told her she should take some of my vitamins too. Hey, they help me, they should help her too, right? She told me they were, "fruity". I thought that was funny.

By this time I knew she needed a break, so I gave her one of my best fake yawns and told her that I was tired - that we should go read some books. She fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Once we got upstairs I showed her all the books I'd found in my closet - there's a ton of books in there....who knew? We picked out a couple and then read those while I cuddled close to her. Mom's a pretty good cuddler. I knew when she let out that sigh she does, that she was feeling better, I know I was. 

Soon enough I was getting sleepy, and somewhere in the midst of the third "Brave" book Mom was reading I fell asleep...I think that Mom did too for a little bit.

Tomorrow is Saturday, I can't wait to see what exciting plans Mom has for us....I've even got a few of my own.

This was from a few days ago - when Mom actually let me
stomp around in the snow before the bus arrived. She was
more agreeable that day - but then maybe so was I.

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