Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Funnies

Remember newspapers? I mean actual newspapers that come to your door? The kind that weren't read on screens and got ink on your hands when you read them? Now, I know there are probably some of you out there that still get your morning papers, or at least the Sunday edition, but you have to admit that those people are becoming fewer and fewer. Even Jason, who prefers his paper Wall Street Journal, gave in a few years ago, it was just too convenient to have it delivered to his iPad, where he can have it with him wherever he goes.

Now, you may be wondering where all this is leading. Well, I can remember my parents getting the super-thick Sunday edition of the Detroit News. Along with all of the colorful ads, I remember the whole section of comics, and that on Sunday they were in color. Yes, when I would see that paper I would go right for the "Sunday Funnies".

Tonight I thought I would offer a variation on that theme. Tonight I'm going to offer some of Abby's Sunday Funnies.

Sound Effects

Today we were all in the car and Abby had her Merida and Queen Eleanor dolls. As we were driving Abby kept up a running dialogue between the two of them, much of which was yelling. At the end of each sentence she would make a funny sound. I knew what it was, but Jason finally turned to me and asked, "Is she spitting?"  

"No," I said, "she's shooting arrows."

Abby is big on being authentic, so when the time came for Merida to defy her mother and shoot the arrows, Abby made sure to make the sound of them leaving the bow and sailing through the air.

Entertain Me

Just like she does everything else (except get ready and out the door when we need to be somewhere), Abby eats fast. She's usually done with a meal before we are, and sometimes even before I have a chance to really start mine. Tonight she, once again, was done before we were. Instead of leaving the table and running off to play like usual, she let out a big sigh, put her chin on the table, and said, "Mom, I'm bored."

This was the first time I've ever heard that phrase come out of her mouth. It made me think of something my students would say, and I couldn't help but realize how quickly she's growing up.

But then she grabbed a wooden spoon and started sword fighting....and I breathed a sigh of relief.


One of Jason's favorite things to do is to ask Abby all sorts of questions, just to see the response he'll get. They usually are pretty funny. Tonight, though she really wasn't in the mood for them, because every answer he got was, "No."

I finally chimed in and asked if she was a liar - since some of her answers were certainly not truthful. This got her really mad because she said, "No! I'm not tired!" We realized that she thought I was asking if she wanted to lie down. So Jason asked if she'd ever told a fib. When she then talked about being hungry, we wondered if she'd heard "fig" and not "fib".

Finally Jason told her that she needed to clean out her ears. "No!" she said, "My ears are fine...they are all clean!" She heard that one loud and clear.

I'm sure there were other funny things that happened today, as there are every day - I just wish I could remember them all.

Oh man, this kid melts me!

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