Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I'm a bit of a technology junkie. This is both good and bad. The down side to this is that there are some days when I am so used to checking my phone for all sorts of updates that I put off doing other things. I'm sorry to admit that there are even times when Abby will tell me to put my phone away - which I guiltily do.

The up side to technology is the immediacy of the communication. I can text a parent when a student has forgotten his lunch, or when another student is having an allergic reaction to something (both of which I did today). I can catch an email from Abby's teacher before the school day is over, or do a quick check-in with my in-laws before dinner. Technology is great like that.

The best though is when I get an update on how the morning went with Abby and Jason. Before my school day starts I will usually check in with them and I'm happy to say that I nearly always get a great report. I know how much Jason values that time with Abby each morning after I leave for school. I know they have fun together - this morning I got to see just how much.

Just after my students left to go to their "specials", I felt my phone buzz and saw that Jason had sent me a video - this video:

I couldn't help but notice how wonderfully the music fit with what she was doing and how just by watching her dance was going to make sure I started my day in a "bright sunshiney" way. I couldn't help but be thankful for the technology that not only let Jason capture that lovely moment, but that it also allowed him to send it right to me - and make me smile.

Yes, I'm a technology junkie, and on days like to day I don't mind that at all.

And in other news.....Abby earned another bear. Last week
was a rough week, so we were oh, so excited and proud
to see today's "beary" great day note.

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