Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dinner Conversations

I'm sure that everyone could share some of their favorite dinner conversations - conversations that range from the bizarre, to the hilarious. Tonight I thought I would share some of the things that went around our dinner table.

Pray First

Abby will never let us forget that we are to pray before we eat. Tonight she told Daddy that he was to lead the prayer, and after he gave thanks for family and food, Abby added her own bit. She sat there with folded hands and said, "Thank you for Mrs. Currie and broken crayons." That's when my head popped up and I corrected her. See, today, in a fit of stubbornness, she decided it would be a better idea to break her crayon into bits rather than fill in the white spaces in her picture - not a good plan. I made sure to remind her that we are thankful for teachers who forgive us when we do things like break our crayons. With a, "Oh! Yeah!" Abby agreed. We then broke into a rousing rendition of J-E-S-U-S, a clapping/singing prayer that Abby learned in preschool. None of us can eat until this is completed.


Part way through our meal Abby decided to spice up our conversation. She put her elbow on the table, propped her chin on her hand, and said, "So...Mom..let's talk about food." She then proceeded to start counting the pretzels she was eating. Next, she told Daddy to talk about his food, then it was my turn. This morphed into a game of counting things on the table: one-two-three Abby....and so on.

She also shared a fun joke with us:
Abby: Knock, knock
Mom: Who's there?
Abby: Mom
Mom: Mom who?
Abby: Daddy.....ha, ha, ha....
It didn't matter that the joke didn't make sense - it got us to laugh, and that was the point.

No Worries, Dad

At another point in our meal Jason turned to me and asked if there was anything new at school today. Abby immediately jumped on that. Knowing that she'd already had one conversation with Mom about her behavior, she wasn't relishing rehashing it with Dad. Before I could answer his questions Abby started shaking her head and said, "Don't worry about school, Dad." Apparently she's got everything handled.

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