Sunday, February 17, 2013

Card Shark

We've discovered that Abby has a new talent: Uno. Seriously, she's a regular wunderkind when it comes to that game.

Yesterday we all sat down again for a quick game, that turned into three games because Mom and Dad were trying to redeem ourselves. Abby daintily held onto her cards and laid them down each time her turn came, even delivering the dreaded "skip" card and the "Draw 2" cards to Mom with a sly smile.

Before when we've played, I've helped her along, but this time there was no need. She didn't tip her hand and at the last game, when I laid down a yellow 7 card and excitedly held on to the other yellow card in my hand, sure that I was slated to win, she surprised us all by getting rid of her final card - a blue 7.

You should have heard Jason and I laughing - and Abby telling us to stop, because she was under the impression that we were laughing at her. We were just so flummoxed. She'd beat us, fair and square, for three straight games. At that point we gave up.

So, I'm sending out this warning to all of you, if you ever sit down for a game of Uno with Abby, beware - she'll beat the pants off of you!

I know I've already posted this picture - but
it totally fit tonight's post.

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  1. Uno, huh? That's a favorite at our house too. Way to go Abby!!