Monday, February 25, 2013

Girls' Night

On the nights when Jason has to work late, or when he is out of town, I will often tell Abby that it is our chance to have a "Girls' Night". She usually gets pretty excited about this, even though for the most part it is business as usual. I think she just likes the idea that something special is bound to happen if the night has a special name.

Tonight I knew that Jason had a late meeting, and wouldn't be home until nearly bedtime, so this morning I told Abby tonight would be Girls' Night. I didn't realize how very excited she was about this until she got off the bus this afternoon. Her first words to me after telling be she'd been a good girl (which Mrs. Cathy confirmed) were, "Is it Girls' Night today?" I laughed and assured her that yes, indeed it was.

She was in a super mood and chatted with me as I made dinner, even helping me to package up some salad for my lunch tomorrow. Abby cleaned her plate and asked ever so politely for some ice cream. So, I gladly handed it over. How she managed to get ice cream under her shirt I'll never know, but by the time she was done she was telling me she was "dirty" and needed a bath. I agreed.

So, up we went. Her bath was followed by a quick, but intense period of dressing up, which was then followed by dancing with her imaginary prince (Edward, of course). From there we came down to do some work, me to knitting and Abby to some make-up work from a couple of weeks ago. By the time we'd had one more small bedtime snack, Daddy was home and Abby was off to bed.

You know, even though we didn't end up doing each other's hair or painting our nails, we still engaged in some time-honored "girly" things like, stuffing ourselves with pasta and ice cream, raiding Abby's closet and trying on clothes (looking for the perfect dancing dress), talking about boys (Abby brought up Prince Edward several times), and planning for our future (Abby told me she was going to be a Princess when she grew up and live in a castle). It seems that we did have a bona fide "Girls' Night" after all.

Mmmmm....she does love her "icy cream"

Practicing for The Ball - I caught her mid-twirl on this one.

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