Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Daddy's Home

Oh happy day!

Last week Jason had to go out of town for work, and today, after seven days (or 6 "sleeps" in Abby-terms) he finally came home. Things just aren't the same around here when we all aren't under the same roof.

He was able to get home before Abby's bus arrived, and it was so fun to watch from the house as he greeted her. I could tell exactly where she was sitting on the bus, because she was the kid that was jumping up and down.

Now, if the only happy event was Daddy coming home after a long trip, Abby would still be over the moon, but she also knew that while he was away he'd picked up a few things for her. See, since he was very near Disney World he couldn't resist the pull of The Disney Store, and so he'd gotten a few things for his little darling. What he'd told Abby though, was that he'd had the opportunity to have dinner one night with Merida (from "Brave") and knowing that Abby is a sort of "super-fan", she'd given him a few things to pass on.

I have to hand it to Abby. She knew these gifts were coming (she'd been talking about her "gowns" all week), but she still sat through dinner and got a bath before getting them....and she did it with a smile on her face - pretty impressive to be sure.

Along with a Merida nightgown, and a Merida dress-up dress, Daddy got her a Queen Elinor doll. Abby quickly donned one of her "gowns" and ran downstairs to get her Merida Barbie doll. That's when she started yelling. It soon became apparent that some of her favorite dialogue from the movie was from when mother and daughter were yelling at each other. I heard her shout out things like: "I am Merida, firstborn of clan Dunbroch, and I'll be shooting for my own hand!" Which was quickly followed by: "Merida! What are you doing? Don't you loose another arrow!"...and the yelling went on. The best though was when "Merida" said, "but....but..." and "Queen Elinor" broke in with, "No buts!" That was when I lost it, it was just too funny. Luckily, the yelling didn't last for too long. Soon the two dolls were making up and giving kisses. They now seem to be living in peace.

Even with all the "arguing" it is so very, very good to have Jason home.

I caught her mid-yell on this one.

Too bad it's blurry. Luckily you can still see Abby's cute little face.

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