Saturday, February 16, 2013

Car Conversations

Today Abby got invited out for an afternoon of fun with some of her best buds. She was so very excited, and since we were ready a bit early I thought I would stop to get a coffee on the way there. As soon as we got in the car she requested, "Happy Ever After" (a.k.a. "Ever After" by Carrie Underwood - from the movie "Enchanted") on the radio. I plugged my phone in and soon enough the strains of one of her favorite songs was playing through the speakers. She asked me to turn it up and once I did she started belting away.

Although most of the time we both were singing, she did take a few moments to have some conversations during our drive. Here's how they went.

While waiting for my coffee
Abby: Mom, I want a pop.
Me: A pop? (she never drinks pop, so this was weird)
Abby: Yes.
Me: They don't have pop, this is a coffee shop.
(short pause)
Abby: Mom? I want a chocolate shake.

While waiting at a stoplight
Abby: (while pointing to a random house) Mom, let's go there.
Me: We can't go there, we don't know who lives there.
Abby: Moooommmm....let's go! Let's see them.
Me: Abby, we don't just go into people's houses that we don't know.
Abby: Why not?

Nearly at her friends' house
Abby: Mom, I love you.
Me: Awww, I love you too, Abby.
Abby: I want you to leave.
Me: What?! You want me to leave?
Abby: Yes, at Carters'.
Me: Oh...., you want me to let you stay there by yourself?
Abby: Yes, you go eat breakfast with Dada.

Pulling in and getting out of the car
Abby: We're here!!!! It's Carter's house!!!!
Me: Yep!
Abby: (as I get out of the car to let her out) Mom, stay here. I'm going by myself!
Me: I won't stay, but can't I come in and say, "Hi!"?
Abby: (big sigh) Okay....

She had a blast, and apparently put on quite the show for everyone. She was excited to tell me all about it. Tonight I am so very thankful for good friends that do so much to brighten Abby's day.

I've been terrible about taking pictures lately, so I had to
go to the "archives" for this one of Abby in the car. I thought
it was perfect, because she looks like she's mid-question here.

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