Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Happens When....

Question: What happens when it's time for the nice man who does our taxes to come over, and our dog isn't polite enough to leave him in peace?

Answer: Abby and I are sequestered, with the above mentioned dog, in Mama & Daddy's bedroom, watching "Barney" and reading books, until the taxes are finished.

Question: What happens when the tax appointment is at bedtime?

Answer: Abby falls fast asleep in Mama & Daddy's bed, and needs to be carried up to her room by her strong Daddy after the nice tax man leaves.

Question: What happens when the tired kid is carried upstairs, but wakes up once she is deposited in her own bed?

Answer: Mama lays down "for a minute" with her, to settle her back to sleep.

Question: What happens when Daddy comes in two hours later to let Mama know that it is nearly 10 p.m.?

Answer: A blurry-eyed Mama wakes up in surprise and heads downstairs to quickly write her blog post, so she can go back to bed.

Happy Thursday!

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