Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rumbly Tummy

I'd like to think I'm pretty good a finding a faker - especially when it comes to my own kid, but tonight she really had me going, and I'm still not sure if she was on the up-and-up, or if she was just having some fun.

Tonight after dinner, she told us that her tummy "was rumbly, like Pooh" and that her tummy hurt. She really put on a good show. She cradled her tummy and came to sit on my lap. She hadn't had that much to eat, so I figured she just needed some babying, which I gave her. Jason wasn't convinced that's all it was. He urged me to take her upstairs, in case she really was sick. I didn't get moving - until she let out a yucky burp....that got me up right away and headed up to the bathroom.

I got everything ready, the garbage pail, a towel, the tub, as Abby sat on the potty, still telling me her tummy hurt. This was when I began to worry and started making plans. Before long she popped right up and declared she was "all better now." This didn't stop us from continuing to ask if she was good. She assured us she was.

We went through the regular bedtime routine, with the addition of a quick manicure and pedicure - her reward for bath-time cooperation. It was when we were settling in to do some reading that she must have hopped a bit too vigorously into bed, because I looked over to find she'd gotten a bit more than she'd bargained for when she'd let out a burp. As I cleaned things up she continued to assure me she was better. I guess I'll have to take her word for it, and trust that she just had one bite of soup too many - at least that's all I'm praying it is.

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