Monday, February 18, 2013

The Perfect Play Date

Today Abby and I both got a "play-date". Since we didn't have school because of Presidents' Day, we invited some of our good buddies over for some fun. Abby could barely contain her excitement as Rachel, Jane, and their mom, Jessica, walked through the door - in fact she wasn't the only one that was thrilled. I think it took Bruiser a full five minutes before he stopped howling and barking, he was nearly beside himself with excitement.

Since they came bearing bagels and coffee, we enjoyed a quick breakfast before the three girls ran straight up to Abby's room. That's when our fun began. See, Jessica, has been wanting to learn to knit for some time, and since I'm a bit of a knitting freak (if you want to see how much, just check out Abby's Heirlooms - and here ends the shameless plug), so I was all about teaching her. She did excellently and as she worked on her knits and purls, I finished up a project I was working on.

I can't tell you how nice it was to have a relaxing day with a friend, and know that Abby was having one as well, although...I'm not sure I would call her time "relaxing". There were many yells and thumps coming from upstairs, but they were the good kind - the kind that let us know that they were all having fun. Periodically one, or all, of the girls would wander down to see what we were up to, or to just visit with Bruiser for a bit.

All too soon they needed to leave, but Abby kept talking about what a fun day she'd had and I had to agree. It was a perfect way to spend our day off.

As I was putting things in order to prepare for company, we had some
music playing. Abby just had to take a moment to belt out some tunes.

All the girls thought it was hilarious when Bruiser "sang" opera.
They all got him going - but I don't think he minded a bit.

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