Saturday, February 23, 2013

Early Gifting

Over the years Jason and I have gotten a bit of a reputation when it comes to gift giving. It all started when we were first married and we just couldn't wait to exchange gifts. We would buy things for each other for Christmas or birthdays, and never seemed to be able to wait for the actual date to arrive before exchanging them. I mean really, why let something linger in a box? Why not have a few extra days to enjoy it? It got so bad that at one point our families were placing bets as to how long we would hold out before giving each other our gifts.

I'm happy to say that over the years we've gotten a bit better, although the "Do you want to know what I got you?" question still pops up every now and again. Our challenge doesn't seem to be holding out on gift for each other anymore - it's waiting when it comes to Abby's gifts.

With Abby's birthday a mere 6 days away gifts we've ordered will start arriving within days. Luckily we don't have many laying around to tempt us into early gifting....but there was one. Yes, I said was - because today I folded.

This Christmas we got Abby an American Girl Doll - actually we got her two. I figured that the smaller dolls they sell would be more to her liking, they offer these adorable ones called "Bitty Twins". We decided that Abby would get one for Christmas, and we'd save the other for her birthday. So, every time I've walked into my craft room over the last four months I've seen the other doll there, just waiting to be given.

This morning as I watched Abby play with some of her toys, I began mentally reviewing what she would be getting this time next week....and I thought about that doll....and how it just might get lost in the shuffle. I began to think, Wouldn't it be better if her gifts where spread out a bit? Wouldn't it be better if she got the doll today?

I put the question to Jason, and with a roll of his eyes he said something like, "If you really want to." I think I heard, "What a marvelous idea!", because within minutes I was running up to get the twin. I wrapped her in one of Abby's old baby blankets and brought her down, telling Abby I'd found something when I was upstairs. She asked her standard, "Tis it?" as I folded back the blanket to reveal the new baby I was carrying.

Oh her face was precious. The look of joy was priceless as she exclaimed, "A new baby? For me? Thank you!" Abby immediately asked what the baby's name was, and when we told her that it was up to her, she quickly decided "Hannah" would be perfect.

She played with Hannah and Annie for a bit, eating some popcorn with them and at one point having them fight like a couple of action figures, but soon enough they landed on Daddy's lap. Apparently they needed the rest.

I think it was a perfect idea to give Abby the doll today, because not only did she have some fun playing with it, but now as other gifts arrive I'll be able to wait to give them - since I've already "early gifted" for her birthday this year.

Hannah is the blond, Annie is the brunette, and Abby is the
one in the middle.

Can't you just hear here giggling in this one?


  1. Too cute, but also too funny!!! Guess you aren't one to start your Christmas shopping in July, huh?