Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Cooking is not my favorite, but this afternoon as I started working on dinner Abby decided to help, and we had a great time.

My first chore was to peel the potatoes, since Abby couldn't help with that for real, she improvised. She used her finger as a potato peeler and her other fist as a potato. I told her that her "real" job was to keep me company, so she decided to tell me a story. Here's how it went:

Once upon a time there was a King Mama who was peeling potatoes, and Princess Abigail helped her. They lived happily ever after. The end.

Once we had all the peeling done, I set to cutting the potatoes. That's when she leaned on the counter to watch me and said, "So, was your day?" I loved that she was taking the job of providing company for me so seriously, so I didn't remind her that we'd spent the whole day together, and she knew how my day had been going. Instead, I shared my favorite parts of the day and asked her how her day was going, to which she replied, "Um...good."

The most fun though was while she was mixing up the green bean casserole. By that point we had Disney radio playing on Pandora and were belting out "Be Our Guest" and "You've Got a Friend in Me" along with some of our other favorites, while Bruiser howled in the other room.

Tonight cooking was actually fun...thanks to Abby.

It was a musical day all around here!

Abby's dinner was "noodles" tonight, and even though
she's gotten pretty good at keeping them in the bowl, she still ended
up with sauce all over her face and shirt.

Abby got her first payday. Since she cleared the table (one of
her new chores) Jason doled out her allowance. The funny thing was
she didn't want to take her sauce covered shirt off, so Jason tried to encourage
her. Unfortunately he didn't think about what he said, before he said it. It was
only after he told her, "Abby, if you want your money, your going to have
to take your shirt off," that we realized that wasn't quite the message we
wanted to send to our daughter.  Oops!

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