Monday, January 28, 2013

She Said What!?!

Yesterday, as we were walking into church, a friend of ours mentioned how much Abby is talking - to which I replied, “Yeah, she hardly stops.” He’d been watching Abby keep up a pretty much one-sided conversation with his wife, and had been impressed with her clarity and sentence structure. Too bad he had to head off to lead his youth Bible study and didn’t see Abby point to his wife and hear her proclaim, rather loudly, “I like her!”

Today she came up with a few funny ones as well, like this morning when she said it was “so sad” that Daddy had to go to work, while we got to stay home because of a snow. There was also the moment when she was sitting at the table eating her dessert, when she suddenly said, “Excuse me.” Not hearing any obvious reason for the begging pardon I asked if she was okay, to which she replied, “It’s nothing, just ‘Excuse me.’”

This got me thinking about other things she’s said, more specifically something her teacher mentioned on Friday. Apparently, during one afternoon they were coloring purple cows and Abby began talking about changing her picture into beer. She then mentioned cake and mimicked throwing up. I was so completely startled that I didn’t even know what to say, other than, “What? We don’t even drink beer!” The teacher gave me the benefit of the doubt and suggested she might have been thinking about root beer, but I told her we don’t drink that either. Because I was so flummoxed I apparently wasn’t firing on all cylinders. Where Abby had come up with this didn’t become clear until I mentioned it to Jason.

“Well yeah,” he said, “she meant bear.” Duh! That’s when it all clicked. Abby is addicted to “Brave”. Every night we read at least two books that are based on the movie, and a day rarely goes by without her watching at least a bit of it. In the movie Merida, the young princess, gets a spell cake from a witch to change her mother. The cake makes the queen sick and changes her into a bear. Yes, it suddenly it all made sense - especially since whenever I read that part to her I try (rather poorly) to mimic Merida’s thick Scottish brogue, and bear sounds an awful lot like beer

I nearly sent an email to her teacher at that moment - to explain, least she think we are a couple of lushes who down enough beer and cake to make ourselves sick. 

This all made me think about something that one of my education professors once told me. At the beginning of each school year he would tell his students’ parents, “I’ll only believe half of what your child tells me happens at home, if you only believe half of what they say goes on here.” Oh, so very true.

It doesn't look like Abby is buying the whole "100% Perfection" label

I promise it was not that cold in our house today. Abby
just wanted to wear all her snow stuff as she did her craft.

Abby peeks when she prays - I now have proof!

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