Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday School

Today we began our "Saturday School Adventure". When I told Abby that we were having school she was a little confused. She wanted to know if we were going to "Mommy's school", and then wanted to know if she was going to see Mrs. C. I finally told her it was like a game - then she was all set to go.

First, we got right to practicing writing. Every day Abby comes home with a paper that shows she's practiced her name, so I made up a sheet she could use at home. Have I mentioned how cute she is when she is writing her name?

As she writes she will talk her way through the letters of her name.
"Down, down - cross it in the middle." = A
"Down and around, down and around." = bb
"Down, up, and a monkey tail." = y
It's adorable.
From there we moved on to some math papers. Even though Abby knows 1 and 2, I figured it would be good to start at the beginning - so that's what we did. Luckily, I had some star stickers on hand as well.

Next up was a field trip - to the fabric store. Abby and I had come up with a new costume idea, so we needed some materials.

For our "theater class" portion of the day we needed a good costume. Introducing....Tinker Bell. Abby has done quite a bit of research for this roll, so she was ready to go.

We then spent some time cuddling and reading books - a perfect way to practice our reading skills.

Next up was some good old fashioned sensory play. We pulled out that lump of play dough we made last weekend (which was still wonderfully "squishy"), some cookie cutters, and a rolling pin and got playing. 

Finally, we ended the day with some more math, but in a fun way. We played a rousing game of "Hi Ho Cherry O!" - and I was soundly trounced by my little angel.

I'd say that "Saturday School" was a great success.

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