Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lazy Day

Today was our first snow day....well, actually it was more like a "cold weather" day. Since the temperatures were below zero (-3℉) and the wind chill even worse (-14℉) school was a no go. It had snowed, only a few inches, but at those temperatures the road treatments don't really do a whole lot. So, Abby and I got a bonus day.

Now, you would think with a gift such as this we would be very productive, or at the lease do something fun like bake a pan of brownies or paint watercolors....you would think that, wouldn't you? In reality we got very little accomplished (if anything at all) and spent the day being bums. Neither of us got out of our jammies (although I did get a shower and Abby got a bath - we just put jammies right back on), and we spent the day lounging - as much as Abby will lounge. We did play with some dolls, read some books, and at one point we contemplated getting out the play dough - but that never actually happened. The rousing tickle fight we had about mid afternoon was the most we could muster, in the way of activity.

Tonight, before we went up to read books for bedtime, Abby told me that she was "so excited" about going to school tomorrow. I don't doubt that. Abby just doesn't enjoy the occasional "purpose-less" day, like I do. Despite our ennui we both ended the day tired. Abby was ready for bed early, and fell asleep before 7 p.m., and I won't be far behind. I suppose an early bedtime is the perfect way to end this lazy day.

Can you even find Abby?

How about now?

Here she is explaining every detail of her drawing to me.
She looks pretty serious, doesn't she?

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