Friday, January 25, 2013

What Went Right

Abby had a rough day at school today...actually, it has been a rough couple of days, but it all seemed to come to a head today. I’ve thought and thought about tonight’s blog post and how to deal with the fact that I’ve got material that I don’t really want to talk about. So, instead of rehashing what went wrong about today, I’m going to share what was right about today.

1. It was Friday - Celebrating that the weekend is upon us is always a great way to start.

2. Caring Teachers - Despite the fact that I was disappointed with Abby’s behavior, I’m so thankful that she has teachers that can tell me honestly what happened - and keep their sense of humor. The email I got after school prompted me to call and talk with Abby’s teacher, and even after a day like today she was able to laugh and tell me how much they do love Abby. That is priceless.

3. Awesome Husband/Daddy - Tonight I needed to go out after work for a church meeting. Rarely do I need to be out before bedtime, so I knew this might be a challenge. When Abby crawled up on my lap and looked soulfully into my eyes and said, “No Mama, stay with me...stay home with Abby,” I was ready to call and tell them I couldn’t make it, but Daddy came to the rescue. When I left they were both wearing animal masks (Abby was the tiger and Daddy was the lion), and Abby cheerfully yelled out, “Bye Mom! Love you!” When I checked in to see how things were progressing, Abby had been read to and was fast asleep. Way to go Super Dad!

4. Cuddles - I had written no fewer than two lines of tonight’s post, when I heard Abby calling for me. So I left the computer right away and spent some time snuggling with her. There is no better way to end the day than to snuggle with a sleeping Abby.

This was from one of Abby's good days at school.
Frosting cookies is always a treat!

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