Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mommy/Daughter Date

Sometimes plans change, and that is a-okay. If Abby has taught me anything, it is to roll with the punches. We were supposed to head out to dinner tonight with a good friend, and then Abby would go home, as Michelle and I continued on to a movie....but, Michelle's husband was not feeling well, so as she shuttled kids, and doused her household in Lysol, Abby and I decided that it might be fun to have a mommy/daughter date instead.

I found out about the change in plans as I picked Abby up from school this afternoon. I figured it would be easier to have an early dinner, and since we were already out we might as well head right over to the restaurant. So, we set out - after a quick trip to the dollar store for some crayons and coloring books. I figured that we needed something to do while we waited for our food, and what's better than coloring? No matter how old I get, I still get excited to get a new coloring book and some fresh crayons. Abby wasn't the only one looking forward to the coloring we would do while we waited.

Abby was super. She loved the murals on the walls and ceiling, and couldn't help exclaiming, "Wow! Look at that!" every now and again. She certainly got a kick out of the music they had playing - as did I when I caught her doing her version of the "Hitchhiker Dance" to The Bee Gees' "Jive Talkin'" (I mean really, how else are you supposed to dance to that song?). We both had a good time as she dictated to me a whole cast of characters she wanted me to draw on the back of her placemat. We really had a very nice time.

She ate like a champ and then boogied her way up to the front to pay our bill. I was feeling very good and confident, because things had been going so smoothly, and so when she showed the least little interest in the little train ride that was in the middle of the mall I suggested she might like a ride - which of course she did....she just didn't like when it was over.

I tried all the tricks that parents do when their kids are misbehaving in public, and they are trying to not make a scene, but none of them worked. I cajoled, I bribed, I did the quiet-sharp-talking-right-in-her-ear bit, I even pulled a little, but she wouldn't budge and kept yelling, "No!" So, I calmly put down the take out we were bringing home for Daddy, and got serious. Sure I was huffing and puffing as I carried her (and the take-out) to the car, but I was victorious.

Despite that little "snag" at the rides Abby and I had a wonderful time, and I couldn't help but think that we need to make a habit of mommy/daughter dates...maybe we'll even let Daddy come every now and again - but only if he picks up the tab.

The Little Lady's ready to eat!

I caught the look on her face as she realized things were slowing
down and the ride was over. This was right before Stubborn Abby
made her appearance.

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  1. Oh no! I think we've all one of 'those' moments with our kids! Still, I think your date was wonderful! Such a great idea. And I'm with you when it comes to coloring, it's so relaxing and you get to be creative!