Saturday, January 12, 2013


What a fun day Abby had today! Abby got to go to her buddies’ house for a birthday party. As you can imagine, she was pretty excited. Now, when it comes to birthday parties, I get a little nervous, for one reason: presents. 

Abby has the tendency to believe that every wrapped package within her immediate vicinity needs to be opened by her. Today I wanted to make sure that Abby knew that the presents that were going to be at the party were not for her. We talked about it quite a bit, and I waited until this morning to wrap the present she was taking. I wanted her to see it and get excited about giving it - my plan worked beautifully!

She enjoyed seeing me wrap the package, and even wanted to wrap one of her own - for the birthday girl’s older sister. I love that she didn’t want anyone to be left out. 

She was so sweet when we left for the party. She wanted to carry the package and the whole way there she talked about giving it to Rachel. As we were driving, I heard her mention the “Little Pony” that we were giving. I made sure to tell her that she shouldn’t tell what we’d wrapped - that it was a secret. So when “Carter” asked her if the gift was for him she very adamantly said, “No Carter! It’s for Rachel......and it’s a secret!”

I was so happy to hear, when I picked her up, that she’d been excellent when it came time for presents. The only one she did open was the one she was given as a party favor. This is a huge step forward for her. 

It was a fun day for all of us, since she got to stay a bit longer to enjoy dinner, extra play time, and even pedicures with her buddies, and Mom and Dad got to go out for a meal on our own - all thanks to some wonderful friends.

Abby learned a new trick from "Carter" today.

Abby got home and got right to work, doing her "craps"
(a.k.a. "crafts") that she'd gotten as a party favor.

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