Monday, January 14, 2013

Thank You, Tinker Bell

Dear Tinker Bell, 

Thank you so much for your visit tonight, you were so kind and polite - in fact, I didn't even know you were here until Abby came to me after her ice cream cone and told me that you both were "so tired" and that you needed to go to bed. It was then that she opened the fist she had been holding so closely to her chest, and told me that you were here.

Just having you here made everything go so smoothly. Bath time was a breeze - since you both had such cold wings, you know. Believe it or not, Abby usually will fight me on getting a bath before bed - but not tonight, since you needed one too. Then, once she’s in the tub, it isn’t always easy to get her out, but when I toweled you off and put you on the counter to wait for her, it was easy. The same is true about once she got out. Since Abby was so busy brushing your teeth and hair, she barely noticed when I helped her with hers.

Yes, everything was a snap tonight, which helped since Daddy had a late meeting, and I was on my own. I hope you were comfortable in the little house that Abby put you in to go to sleep - I’m sure that the hug and kiss she gave you helped a lot. So, thank you Tinker Bell, you are welcome back any time.


Abby's Mom

This was from a while ago, but it shows how much Abby
likes you, Tinker Bell. She wanted to look just like you!

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