Friday, January 11, 2013

Opera, Anyone?

We never know how a morning will go around here. Sometimes they are smooth and Abby is her sweet self, helping Daddy get things together, feeding Bruiser, and simply being a darling little girl. Some mornings her stubborn side decides to come out to play, and it takes every bit of coaxing power we possess to get her to eat and get ready for school. Then, some mornings are just fun - like this morning. 

We'd gotten up and headed right down to enjoy some breakfast today. Afterwards I went upstairs to get ready for work. Soon enough Abby came up and joined Jason and I in our room. As I stood doing my hair, and Jason ironed his shirt, in walked "Opera Abby"- in full regalia. 

She'd put her "Fiona" dress on, along with her viking hat with the braids, and she was ready to go. She shut the door and announced that it was "Opera Abby Showtime!" She then proceeded to do some pretty stellar opera singing, complete with a dramatic raised hand. After we clapped and yelled, "Brava!" she turned to me, telling me it was my turn. Now, how could you not sing a few notes after such an invitation? So, I gave my best opera imitation - which then prompted Bruiser to join in. That's when Abby's attention switched to him. She walked over to where he was laying and declared that he was "Viking Man Bruiser" and that it was his turn. 

As funny as this all was, it wasn't the best moment. That came when she asked Dada to play, "Quando, Quando, Quando" by Michael Buble, and when he did she joined in - using a Q-tip for her microphone. I'm going to have the picture of her in that silly viking hat, singing soulfully into a Q-tip stuck in my head for quite some time. It was a sight to see - and such a fun way to start my day.

Yes, this was from Halloween, but it also is a good picture of what she
looked like this morning.

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