Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Abby is a popsicle fiend. Something I used to think of only as a summer treat has become a staple in our household. It doesn't seem to matter what the weather is like outside, or what time of day it is, Abby can always enjoy a popsicle.

Now, as good as popsicles are, they can become a bit boring, so Abby endeavors to make the eating of them a bit more interesting. For some time now, whenever I fulfill her request for a popsicle, she will bow to me and say, "Thank you, Ice Cream Man!" and run off happily. Tonight, she wanted some ice cream when she'd finished her dinner. Sadly, we don't have ice cream in the house, so she decided that her popsicle would do in an pinch. She declared that she would pretend that the popsicle was an ice cream cone, and promptly started chomping away on her cold treat - more power to you, Kiddo.

Now, doesn't that look tasty?

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