Monday, January 21, 2013

Music Appreciation

I have been threatening for some time now to subject my class to a music appreciation course. There have been times when I've mentioned a song or an artist that I feel they should not only know, but deeply appreciate. Call me crazy, but this generation should know greats such as Sanatra, The Beach Boys, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Louis Armstrong, The Supremes, The Bee Gees, ABBA....and many more. 

I have been so thankful for Jason's eclectic taste in music, because Abby has been exposed to so many of these greats. I noticed recently though that some of the great songs she knows, she recognizes from a few of her favorite movies. Last week, when we went out to eat, “Le Freak” came on over the speaker. Abby immediately gasped and said, “I know what it is!” When I asked her what she meant she said, “It’s from Toy Story,” and then jived her way up to the cashier. 

This morning she requested some opera to listen to. The closest I could get on my phone was some Andrea Bocelli. I chose one of my favorites of his, “Con Te Partiro”. As soon as it came on she said, “Oh, Madagascar...Inspector DuBois!” After I got over my slight horror that she only knew such a great song from a silly movie, I became impressed that she remembered it at all. 

From there she requested “The Inspector DuBois” song. In Madagascar 3 there is an absurd character named Inspector DuBois, a crazed French animal control officer. Abby is fascinated by her. In one scene DuBois sings a French song with great emotion, that rouses her “troops” to once again track the animals she’s hunting. Abby wanted to hear that song. I found it easily on iTunes and within minutes she was warbling out the tune with great feeling.

After Jason got home from work, she wanted to show off her talent and get Daddy’s approval. By the fifth time she sang with all her might, we were ready to call it quits - even if she wasn’t. 

This evening, as Abby was settling in for sleep, she requested that song. Not having my phone I told her that I would hum the song for her. I’d heard it enough, so I figured I could at least do that, but it wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to hear the song, so I set about faking my way through the words of the song. Along with a lot of “non”’s I think I threw in a couple of Coco Chanel’s and a Champs Elysees. My high school French teacher would be horrified at the little French I remembered. Abby bought it though and was soon fast asleep.

I guess in the end I’m happy she is being exposed to great songs, I just wish a freaky bear and a nutty lemur didn’t come to her mind when she heard them. Maybe I should plan that music appreciation class after all - but for Abby instead.

She's ready for some serious singing!

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