Thursday, January 24, 2013


I've heard it said that there are children out there who will naturally stay by their parents, children who don't wander (or run) off at the first opportunity. I have to believe it is true, because I have seen such children with my own eyes, but that is the extent of my experience, for Abby is not one of those children.

It isn't that she is so much disobedient, it's just that she is curious. She wants to see that shiny picture up close. She wants to feel the products on the shelves. She wants to experience everything. She also has never met a stranger. She loves to strike up conversations with anyone and everyone. It would never occur to her that the woman sitting next to us in a restaurant wouldn’t want to share her fries with Abby (and yes, that actually happened once), or that the man in the grocery store hasn’t been waiting all day for an introduction.

Knowing that she is social and curious, I usually have a death-grip on her hand when we are out anywhere, and this is after me telling her, “Now remember, you have to stay by Mama” about a million times. Unfortunately, whenever I can, I take the easy way out. I wait until Jason is home so I can run an errand on my own. Such was the plan tonight.

Despite the fact that we’ve had a short week, it was still tiring for Jason and me, so when it came to dinner plans we decided that getting some carry-out would be the way to go. I agreed to go get it, and Abby decided she was coming along. I tried to convince her that staying home with Daddy and playing video games and talking about her upcoming birthday party would be more fun, but she wouldn’t go for it. At one point when I told her that she was staying home she told me, “Aww, c’mon’ll be fun!” Finally it was when she oh so sadly said, “No, Mommy. Don’t leave me,” that I broke. How could I possibly hold up against that?

So, Abby and I left to go get dinner. I think about it now and wonder why I was so insistent that she stay home. What did it really cost me? Sure it takes a bit longer, waiting for her little legs to keep up and getting situated in the car, but that’s about it. She was super, and the couple of times she tensed up to dash off I was able to stop her and remind her of her promise to help me. In return I got a little cutie to visit with as we waited for our food, and I got to watch Abby smile and talk with some strangers, visibly brightening their day......and since she takes her promises seriously, I didn’t have to have a death-grip on her hand as we left the restaurant. She was too busy helping me carry out our food for her to even think about dashing off. 

Waiting is hard work, especially for Abby, and especially
when there's nothing fun to do - but she was an excellent helper
when I needed her.

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