Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nightly Reading

Abby likes to read, and because of that it is something that has become part of our nightly routine for some time now. There are some times when she will actually let out a huge fake yawn and tell me she is "so tired", just so we can head upstairs and read some books.

Now, she seems to go through phases. For a while she will like to read actual "real" books, and so we turn her little light on and get out her favorites: Brave: Oh Brother!, The Snowy Day, and Goodnight Moon. But lately she's been going digital. She wants to read her books on the iPad (or as she calls it, the "Hi" Pad).

It has been a while since the last time she's wanted to do digital reading, and I've noticed a few things. First, she pays more attention to the story. Before she would really only focus on the fun things she could make the characters in the books do, but tonight she actually waited until the page was read. I like this - I like this a whole lot. Second, she sometimes wants me to read it, she sometimes wants "The Voice" to read it, and she sometimes wants to read it herself. When I read she will, at times, get rather demanding about how I do it. For example, some nights she will tell me, "Quiet!" This means that I am to whisper the words. Some nights she will tell me, "Louder!", and on nights like tonight, when she wants me to read with "The Voice", she will suddenly turn to me and say, "Not you," letting me know that I'm done for the night. Finally, for some reason she is more likely to fall asleep during a digital book, than a regular book. She's fallen asleep during both, but I think the fact that the books on the iPad usually have music to go with them is what makes the difference. Tonight, as we were reading Brave, I realized that I had even dozed off. When I saw that we'd come to the end of the story, I looked over and noticed Abby sleeping soundly next to me - this is what happens at the end of a week, we can't even get through a book without falling asleep.

It's a good thing that I've got a book order coming in soon...we're due for some new material.

Daddy surprised Abby by picking her up from school today.
It was sunny out and she needed some sun glasses, so Daddy
generously gave her his. It didn't seem to matter that she
had them on upside down.

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