Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Most of my blog posts are composed while I’m putting Abby to bed. It’s in those few minutes, right after she falls asleep, that I lay with her and reflect on our day. On many nights I have half of what I’m going to write in my head before I sneak out of the room and head downstairs to my computer. 

Tonight was tough though. It was one of those days when I really didn’t have much to talk about. Abby was her darling self, being cute and goofy at the same time, nothing I haven’t talked about before, and I’d not taken any pictures, so a phone dump was out of the question. As I thought about my day, I realized that much of my thinking today had to do with the future - not the way off future, but more of the immediate future. So, I thought I would share some of what is coming up for us - consider it a sort of preview.


I’ve been itching for some time to see “Les Miserables” in the theater. Each time I threw out a hint to Jason, he didn’t seem to take the bait. For some odd reason, sitting next to a weeping woman in the theater for two and a half hours doesn’t sound appealing...I know, weird, right? Anyway, I finally gave up and called one of my friends, whom I haven’t seen in a bit. We set it up and will be heading out to see the movie tomorrow. 

Now, what’s a night out at the movies without dinner beforehand? As I was figuring times, I realized that because of when Jason gets home from work, I wouldn’t be able to get to the restaurant in time for dinner....unless Abby came too. Luckily, Michelle is a diehard Abby fan, so I’m going to bring her along. Problem solved.

I haven’t told Abby yet, because I know she’ll be too excited to wait a whole day until we can go out and see her buddy, but I’m looking forward to it.

This Weekend

I have a confession. I’ve been feeling rather guilty for a while now that I don’t work with Abby as much as I should on her school work. I could give you a whole list of excuses, but frankly there isn’t a good one. I’m a teacher, for heaven’s sake - this is what I’ve been trained to do. So, enough is enough. For the last week I’ve been gathering some resources, minibooks, counting games, letter cards, and the like, and we are going to institute “Saturday Mini-School” around here. 

Now, I’m not going to go overboard. I completely understand that she (and I) need a break, but really I think she will enjoy this. It will give her something to do, and we’ll be able to have some quality time together. Actually, she won’t be the only one to have some fun with this, it’s been a long time since I’ve played “Hi Ho Cherry O”.

A Month and a Half

That’s it, “a month and a half” (or 44 more days to be precise). That’s all we have until Abby turns 8.  Abby’s birthday always seems to catch me by surprise. I always think, Oh, it’s in March, we’ve got time. But her birthday is March 1st - the day after the shortest month of the year. I realized this morning that it will be here before we know it. 

This had me thinking about a party. So, I got the ball rolling with that today too. We’ve picked the venue and the date, and now all that’s left are the many other details that are going to drive me batty between now and then. But I feel like I’ve accomplished something - mainly because I didn’t start thinking about with only a week to spare.

With these “pressing” plans out of the way, now maybe I can get to that list of calls I really need to make....

This is from the other day. I've discovered "Downton Abbey", and
as Abby watched "Brave" for the four millionth time, I was enjoying
season 1 on my iPad. She crawled up on my lap and wanted to
hear what was going on. How could I say, "No" to that cute little face?

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