Friday, January 18, 2013

My Bossy Elephant

This evening I was reminded of two of Abby's "talents": her ability to boss me around and her incredible memory.

After dinner, while Abby enjoyed some Tinker Bell, I sat down like a good little teacher and got to work grading some tests. Since it was a science test, and most of the answers were objective, I was also able to watch one of my favorite shows on my computer. With a mere 15 minutes left, Abby came to me and told me it was bedtime...but then she got distracted with my papers and decided this might be the perfect time to sit down and pen a note to her teachers. Great! I thought. This would allow me to finish up my show and then we could both head up to bed.

Even though I had my headphones on, I could still hear her as she "wrote", telling her teachers how proud she was of them and how much she loved them. It was really quite sweet, but soon enough she was done. I fully realized the irony as I asked for five more minutes to watch my show, and she told me, "No, do computer tomorrow! Bedtime now!"

With a sigh, I closed my computer and let out a loud, "Let's go!" while I stood up. She stopped, turned to me and said, "No, sit down." Curious to see what this was all about, I did. She then primly said, "Good. Now, quietly." I tried really hard to swallow my laughter as I then whispered, "Let's go." She gave me a nod and then deigned to follow me upstairs.

I'm now adding "General" to her list of potential future occupations.

Abby has the memory of an elephant. This afternoon, as I met the bus, the first words out of her mouth to me were, "Mom! Ballet class!" Thinking that she was playing some fun ballet game with Daddy this morning after I left, I figured that she wanted to put on her "ballet dress" and dance around once we got in the house. It wasn't until this evening, as I was putting her to bed, that I found out what that was really all about.

Jason wasn't able to be home this evening, since tonight he has class (doctoral class mind you...), but on a break he was able to send me a couple of texts. It was through the texts that I found out he'd told Abby that if she were a good girl, he would talk to me about getting her back into ballet class. Apparently, she didn't forget that little promise and wanted to check with me as soon as she saw me. Time and time again I am amazed at the things she will remember - things I don't even remember until she mentions them. Maybe I should start dictating my "To-Do" list to her.

Since she's in bed I can start that tomorrow....if I remember, that is.

She had lots of encouraging words for her teachers tonight.

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