Sunday, January 20, 2013


Abby has always displayed a fair share of empathy, even going so far as to sympathy cough or sneeze when those around her do. Today though, I saw a whole new level of Abby's empathy.

This afternoon we traveled out to see Nana and Papa. A couple of weeks ago, Papa had a total knee replacement. Today was the first time that Abby has seen Papa since his surgery. She was so excited to head up the stairs once we got there and help Nana play nurse, but once she got a good look at Papa, with his leg in the machine he needs to help exercise his leg, she backed right out of the room.

She didn't like seeing Papa laid up and immediately began complaining about her own leg hurting. She stood in the hallway telling us she needed something for her hurt leg. She eventually laid right down where she was and prop her leg against the door frame.

We kept trying to get her in to see Papa, but she would have none of that. Nana was kind enough to find a wrap for her leg, and she did make it to she bed in the spare room, but that was about it. We left her "resting" and went downstairs.

It wasn't long before we heard her hobbling down the stairs, telling us she was still hurt. Nana then so kindly set her up in Papa's chair, with her leg propped up. I couldn't help but be amazed at the fact that she sat in that chair for a good 40 minutes, not moving and watching T.V. Abby rarely sits still for 15 minutes, let alone 40.

Soon enough she was up and ready to play - proclaiming that she was "all good". We had a nice visit, and Papa eventually came down to hang with us as well, but I think we can safely say that Abby won't be adding "nurse" to her list of future occupations. She probably would end up pushing her patients out of their beds, so that she could take care of her own "pains".

Like most invalids Abby didn't want her picture taken.

If I didn't know better, I would actually think she does have
something wrong with her leg.

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