Saturday, January 26, 2013


You could say that today was a day of extremes. It started on a high note, when early this morning Abby remembered Jason's promise from last night to take us all out for breakfast. Abby was so excited that she shooed us out of the house by 7 a.m. Once we got to the restaurant though, things turned around. She didn't like the crayons I'd brought. She didn't want the coloring page I'd ripped out for her. She didn't even want anything to do with the iPad I'd brought. Finally, I pulled out some letter cards so we could play "Memory", and she did like that, so much so that when her food came she didn't want to eat it - she wanted to go home and play with her cards.

Jason and I woofed down our breakfasts, coaxing her to eat at least half of hers, and as he went to pay the bill, I set about gathering things and bundling Abby up....except now she didn't want to leave. Ugh! Finally, Jason simply picked her up and we left. Knowing we were not pleased with her, Abby cried nearly the whole way home.

This was kind of how the day went. We would have fun for a while, but then some little thing wouldn't go just right and the tears would come. For example, it was while I was gathering laundry that I came down to find Abby in a puddle of tears because she couldn't get her pink cape on - really?

And yet we had fun playing with dolls in her room for quite some time, and even had a great time doing some school work. When I think back on our day, there really were more ups than downs, but as is typical of me, I have to force myself to look past the tough parts, and not let them overshadow the good moments of the day.

So, I'm going to do just that, I'm going to think about all the laughing we did, and look forward to more tomorrow.
Letter fun! A is for Abby!

We read "Big City, Small Mouse", a take on the story of the City Mouse
and the Country Mouse. Abby then did an art project connected to the book.
This is her modern interpretation of the busy city. I think she nailed it.

Abby working diligently on practicing her name.

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