Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Chance Meeting

I have to say I certainly enjoyed sleeping in, and felt down-right decadent when I stayed in bed reading for a good hour. It was nice, but I was ready to see my girl. When I walked through the door at Nana and Papa's I got a wonderful greeting that included a full-body hug. It was while she had her arms and legs wrapped around me that I heard her say, "Mom! You came back!" You would think she'd been away for days. Soon enough she was ready to eat, and while she ate some left-over pizza I got a call from Jason.

He'd had a much needed haircut scheduled today, so he wasn't able to drive out to get Abby with me. He was calling to see how Abby was doing, but more importantly wanted to tell me about something that had happened that morning.

He had gotten to his appointment a bit early and was sitting on the couches waiting for his turn, when a woman walked in and sat down near him. She looked over at him and said, "I know you. Your daughter goes to C_____ School." I'm sure that Jason was wracking his brain, trying to place who she was, but he knew he'd never met her before. She continued by telling him that she was the principal at the local high school and had been at the school board meeting this past Monday, when Abby's teachers were presented with a formal recognition for the help they gave her. It was what she said next that really got to Jason. "Your daughter has such a sweet spirit," she said, and went on to talk about how it was clear that she made those around her happy.


Yet another example of the impact that Abby has on people. This was my happy thought throughout the day.

Abby and her teachers - from last Monday.


  1. She does have a sweet spirit. She has been praying before her snacks a lot this past week. So sweet as she prays for her classmates and school staff all the way down to the bus driver.

  2. Oh that made my day! I believe our kids touch people's lives all the time, it's just nice to hear about it! Yea Abby!